Monitoring Mood
It is advisable to have some means to track the mood, such as a daily diary of the mood in which the person records his moments of irritability, anger or euphoria.

A healthy lifestyle:

Respect your sleep
It is important to maintain a regular sleep pattern (for example, going to bed at the same time every night, trying to sleep the same number of hours as before illness, and avoiding sleeping a lot). less than usual).

Prevent relapses Relapse
prevention should be prevented by identifying the return of symptoms such as decreased sleep hours, increased expenses or the feeling of having more energy than usual, and returning to be treated when They appear.
This also involves managing stress situations (successes or failures), and knowing the risks associated with changes or a too intense pace of work over a long period of time. 3

Avoid addictions
Alcohol and others are to be avoided.
Avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs or psychoactive substances (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, LSD).

Practicing a physical activity
It is essential to practice a regular physical activity and adapted to your possibilities to prevent (with the help of a health professional) a risk of weight gain possibly related to the treatment.

Maintain a social activity
Get help to identify the social activities that you enjoy, which, if taken over, could provide you with direct or indirect psychosocial support (family reunions, outings with friends, cultural activities, visits to neighbors social activities at the workplace, sports, community activities, for example).

This section aims to provide the user with quality medical information. Nevertheless, the information provided is intended to improve, not to replace, the relationship that exists between the patient and his doctor.

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