5 ways to be happier in your life

If usually it is customary to say that happiness knocks on your door when you do not wait for it, science is perhaps going to prove the opposite. And if you only wanted to be happy? Quite simply ! You certainly think "Yes, maybe, but it's easier said than done." Happily, happiness is actually more accessible than you think. We have gathered for you some very simple tips, and scientifically proven, to put every day a little more happiness in your life. Follow the guide:

1. Get closer to nature

It is not necessarily a question of embarking on long hikes but one thing is certain, to take advantage of the fresh air, it is good for the morale. Nature is your best ally for feeling soothed and happier. It is not necessary to go far. Most of the time, the simple fact of leaving home and going to stroll in a raised park brings a great comfort. It's no coincidence that stressful places, such as waiting rooms for example, are full of photographs of natural landscapes. Observing nature is an inexhaustible source of appeasement. A scientific study from Stanford University has revealed that a person who has walked in a natural and green setting is generally happier and more attentive than a person who walks in the city near road traffic and other pedestrians.

2. Reconcile with sport

Again, it's not about becoming a marathoner overnight. Your body would certainly not approve if you are of a rather sedentary nature. On the other hand, your body really needs a minimum of physical exercise in order to function properly. Do not panic, a few minutes are enough to change the situation. Doing sports, besides the release of endorphins (happiness hormones) good for morale, helps you to reconcile with your image. It also improves self-confidence. So many small details that may well change your state of mind completely.

3. Discover the benefits of meditation

For some, meditation seems to be a restrictive exercise, when it is not simply a waste of time. And yet … People who meditate learn to refocus on themselves before opening up to the rest of the world, letting go too, taking a little time for them simply. When you dedicate your days to your spouse, your work or your surroundings in general, you tend to forget yourself while you, too, deserve to take some time for yourself. A few minutes to ask you, breathe and relax. Practicing meditation 15 minutes a day has a real impact on your body. You become more patient, more Zen, more happy simply.The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven, and specialists do not hesitate to prescribe meditation to help patients with anxiety or depression.

4. Learn to be grateful

In our time, the daily is a succession of challenges, problems to solve, constraints to manage and all this without ever taking the time to achieve these small pleasures yet present every day. Learning gratitude takes only a few moments, the time to mentally list all these little positive things that happen to us every day without being really paid attention. By focusing on the joys that fill your days, you move away from negative thoughts and you immediately feel much better.

5. Make sure you sleep well!

In the face of sleep, we are not all equal. When some people only need to sleep 5 or 6 hours to get fit, many others are only at their full potential after 8 to 10 hours or more. Whatever your needs, it is important to identify and respect them. Lack of sleep promotes depression and negativity. To go one step further to happiness, be sure to get enough sleep. You can also take a nap in case of fatigue during the day. A quarter of an hour is enough to put you back on your feet.

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